Lody One


LodyOne designers are one step ahead of musical intelligence research.
The heart of LodyOne is protected by a patent application.

LodyOne is :

A French technology

Originally, it started with a technology of musical composition, called ”MedalComposer”, which enables creation and automatic diffusion of an infinite number of original music. With LodyOne,  MEDALComposer technology is activated by the player's actions. The rhythmic pulse stimulated by pressing buttons with key combinations, are processed in live by a set of unique algorithms. You will be surprised by the amazing possibilities offered by LodyOne.

Primarily focused on a rhythmic approach to create melodic and musical improvisation, LodyOne revolutionize musical practice by allowing everybody to play music, even those who don’t know anything about music...

A direct and intuitive Game Play for an instant fun time!

LodyOneIn direct connection with your own sense of rhythm, with your imagination and skills, LodyOne offers a very fun game play at the very first use. Then, mastery of the advanced features of LodyOne gradually allows the creation of real solo, worthy of the best rock guitar hero!

A revolution in the field of musical composition in real time!

The magic of LodyOne is largely due to the particular care taken in the musical composition in real time.

A Great Quality of Sound Design !

LodyOne contains 18 original music backgrounds to let you improvise your solo. They were written and tuned like a music album realized in a professional music studio, i.e. with an aesthetic and a real sound identity. You just need to add your name on the album cover, since you’re lead guitarist!

LodyOne is using a synthesizer sample player, both to reproduce the arrangements but also to produce the sound of the guitar solo, when you press buttons to play. Each sound has its own identity, with a “live sound texture”. Each sound has its precise place and is interacting with others for an effective mix, on which the player will feel good to play and improvise. Mixes are rather simple, to keep clear and melodious sound: two guitars, a bass and drums. Some are more complex harmonically and rhythmically than others: you will need to train yourself to “tame” them. Guitar playing chords in the background is a Fender Telecaster with a “crunch” sound of amp, the one playing rhythm is a Fender Stratocaster, with a little clearer amp sound, and the solo guitar is a Gibson NightHawk, with more saturated amp sound. In all cases, the guitar amp is a Soldano Hot Rod 100 Plus, with different settings for each of the guitars, and samples were taken with the AEA R84 (Ribbon MIC) microphones and LC67 (a lamp microphone similar to the Neumann U67) through preamplifiers fauna FEQP5 or Metric Halo ULN-8. Bass samples have been made with a Fender Jazz Bass through a D.I. Metric Halo ULN - 8. The drum sounds are coming from quality samples in public domain, but have been reworked to stick to the sound environment. Drum is pushed forward on purpose to rhythmically help those who have never played music...

Realism of the melodic play

A particular care has been taken to make the melodic part realistic, after analysis of real guitarists: partial cover of the notes, intensive use of vibratos and bends following a precise algorithm, simulation of the “not attacked” notes on the right hand or “slide notes” to the left hand... etc.